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Compliance and Investigative Services

Compliance and Investigative Services:

Centry offers a wide variety of services to encompass compliance and investigative needs. We have partners in the industry that enable us to provide our clients with vital information concerning their individual cases and business decisions. Our employees and field agents around the globe provide a proven and reliable method to obtain local information that is relevant to you.

  • Watchlist Services
    Our Watchlist Screening Service, provided in cooperation with Dow Jones, enables the screening of both individuals and organizations across internationally recognized watchlists, such as those created for sanctions, financial crime, organized crime, corruption and political exposure. We want our clients to understand the full scope of the investigation, and so the confirmation of the findings come with a description of the watchlists, which enables readers to understand the implications of the screening results. We assist in both occasional screenings and continuous screening of large amounts of entities. Each screening process is adjusted to meet your compliance requirements.
  • Counterparty Due Diligence Intelligence
    These services include an escalating series of investigations, which enable an effective and timely response to compliance risks. Not only do we address the regulatory and reputation risks, we also adjust our investigation focus areas in accordance with our clients’ compliance frameworks. In our Due Diligence Investigations, we particularly address corruption and breaches of human rights, labor and environment related risks and breaches and when required, conduct site visits and interviews.
  • Brand Protection Investigations
    Protecting the brand is of utmost importance for any company. Many of the brand protection cases involve purchasing pirated products from suspected suppliers. We can purchase items on behalf of our customers online or from stores globally. These investigations are completed anonymously, discreetly and without leaving any traces of the client to the supplier.
  • Pre-employment Screening
    As part of the recruitment process, we can confirm the information the applicant is presenting to be correct and valid. We provide cost effective solutions for global screening of potential employees and contractors.
  • Fraud and Corruption Investigations
    We provide fraud and corruption investigations services around the world. Using our global reach, we can arrange hearings and questionings to resolve fraud suspicions. Internal and insurance related frauds are examples of types of investigations we can conduct.
  • Special Investigations
    We also conduct Special Investigations. This generally includes investigations relating to market intelligence or to obtain true answers to compelling questions that are required to support business decisions.Furthermore, we offer media investigations to research media to find information related to the case up to and including news articles, blog posts, published works, and social media.