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Security Risk Management

Security Risk Management:

Whether your company requires security risk management services at home or abroad, Centry is here to assist with a wide variety of unique, comprehensive and specialized services geared toward ensuring safe business operations worldwide for our clients.

Security Technology

Our security design process begins with a thorough systematic Security Risk Assessment; this in-depth review enables our security analysts to design a comprehensive strategy to provide solutions to our clients’ unique security requirements. We offer physical security, technological security, and other resources such as the installation of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), Intruder Detection Systems (IDS), and Emergency Broadcast Systems (EBS).

Project Security Management

The Project Security Manager (PSM) is an embedded security professional responsible for supervising all areas of security to protect your personnel and other assets. This typically includes:
• Provision of expert advice to employees including a Security Induction Brief and ongoing briefs, training and informal advice.
• Review of accommodation arrangements and overseeing any security improvements such as hardening of doors, windows or installation of security cameras and alarms.
• Review of relevant routes including the development of secondary routes and identification of hostile surveillance.
• Monitoring of security activities at relevant sites including liaison with local management or guard force leadership as required.
• Development of intelligence networks to provide early warning of threats and liaison with law enforcement to ensure their timely assistance if required.
• Provision of information so Centry can provide relevant and accurate Security Reports and other reporting to customer stakeholders.
• Supporting local background checks of locally engaged staff or customer suppliers and other relevant parties as required.
• Investigation and reporting of security incidents and contingencies
• Coordinating medical and security evacuation.


Centry is also an official service provider of Eurowatch, which offers 24/7 vehicle tracking and monitoring of our clients’ drivers on the road. Eurowatch is available in more than 50 countries and can be applied to trailers, railroad travel, air cargo and maritime shipments, special deliveries, and single shipments. This technology has a proven track record of locating and recovering stolen vehicles, shipments, and when possible – assisting police to arrest perpetrators. This is particularly significant for multi-jurisdictional international crimes.


The Centry Shield is a communication application useful in communicating with staff regarding security events, in crisis situations, but also for normal communications – for instance provision of security related information.