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Training Resources

Training Resources:

In addition to offering security, compliance and investigative services, Centry is equipped with training resources to guide your organization through the process of AEO Authorization and TAPA Certification, helping you with supply chain security.

  • AEO Authorization
    Authorized Economy Operator (AEO) certification exists in the European Union as a program that aims to support international supply chain security and to enable legitimate trade. It is open to all supply chain actors within the customs territory of the EU. Some of its benefits include: easier admittance to customs simplifications, recognition as a safe and secure business partner, reduced theft and losses, fewer delayed shipments, etc.
  • TAPA Certification
    The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a global coalition of manufacturers, shippers, carriers, insurers, service providers, law enforcement and government agencies that aims to protect companies against cargo crime.