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Safe and Secure

Centry is a dynamic company with a global footprint, yet deep local knowledge everywhere we operate. We provide services relating to compliance, investigation, cyber-security, data analysis, security risk management and training.

Our services are customizable to suit your unique needs and our professionals worldwide are dedicated to ensuring supporting you in achieving your business objectives. We don’t think there is any such thing as a “bad” place to do business. People have needs everywhere in the world, and there is always a market for what your business does somewhere outside of your country of origin. Our multi-national teams capably provide you with the secure environment to conduct your business even in places considered hostile. We specialize in giving you a secure environment to deliver your products or services anywhere in the world.

We are good at solving problems – we work by teaming up our experts to provide security solutions for you, and pride ourselves in developing long-term relationships with our clients to ensure that you succeed in everything that you do. Our success is dependent on yours.

We obtain, analyze, and provide you with information that relates to your counter-parties, customers, governments, and other stakeholders that you need to operate effectively. Most importantly, we provide services that are focused on you retaining the goodwill that your reputation as an ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable business requires.

Finally, our employees have extensive experience in working not only with Centry, but with global multinationals, corporate entities of every type, law enforcement, civil services, and intelligence services, as well as small/medium sized businesses. This gives us perspective in understanding your unique business needs.

who we are


CX Manager Africa

Regional Security and CX Manager for Africa. With a combined total of 26 years working all across Africa, he knows the continent well, and utilizes that knowledge in his work with Centry.



Senior Executive Management

Chairman and Customer Experience Director of Centry Ltd. Risto is an expert in security risk, compliance and investigations management...



Chief Executive Officer

Petri Kelo is the Chief Executive Officer of Centry Ltd. Petri is an expert in security logistics, fraud & corruption



Head of Special Projects

Pirkka is responsible for the management of product development for compliance and intelligence functionality in...



Chief Financial Officer

Natalia Haataja is the Chief Financial Officer at Centry Ltd. She is also Director of Central & East European operations.



Chief Information Officer

He is responsible for the implementation of all IT programs and systems management and...



Chief Technology Officer

Dave is a global Cyber Security, Information Systems, Operations and Telecommunications expert.



Customer Experience Manager

He is a Customer Experience (CX) Manager and his job includes customer relationship management and finding solutions to...



Customer Experience Manager

He is a Customer Experience (CX) Manager, whose job includes customer relationship management and finding solutions in...



Security Manager for Centry Ltd.

His main responsibilities are with AEO security consulting, helping customers fulfil AEO Authorization security requirements.


our promise

Our Vision: To be a business enabler for you by aligning our services with your business objectives.

Our Mission: We provide constantly evolving state of the art services and products to help you to manage your compliance and security risks.

our history


We believe in listening to you and providing exactly what you need. Our ethos for service has its origins in 5-star hospitality experience. As we have grown, we have not lost sight of where we were, who we are and how we have been privileged to grow – which is because you, our customer, have trusted us.

Centry began as two different services on slightly different “paths” in 2009. We grew from providing consultancy to providing services at the “coal face” in a way that would allow you to work on your core activities, and leave those components of your security, compliance, investigations, and later cyber security to us – these are our core activities – in order to free you as much as possible to concentrate on achieving your objectives.

In 2015, those two different paths joined and Centry now provides services from our wide cultural and linguistic base, as well as from our diverse offices and operating locations across the globe.

We focus on developing long-term, trusted relationships that are mutually beneficial. We believe in being fair and honest, which are the key ingredients to trust, which in turn is the cornerstone to achieving long-term relationships.